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3rd Saturday Adoration and the Prayer of Intercession

As a first step, we met our parish priest Cannon Fr. John Deeny (Blessed Sacrament Church, Heavitree) and expressed our desire to initiate a spiritual gathering. Fr. John was kind enough to give us the permission to use the church and encouraged us with his support and help in our endeavours. So by the grace of God and blessings from Fr. John, we started our first 3rd Saturday adoration and the prayer of intercession on August 2012 and out of the 9 needs prayed during the adoration, 7 of them were answered by the Almighty God. We take this as a clear indication that Our Heavenly Father blesses our intentions and aspirations.

Monday Adoration

After a year, we started one hour adoration on every Mondays with the blessings from Fr. Sunny Paul, that showers grace and blessings from heaven to many people.

Night Vigil

We have now started night vigil, as per the inspiration given by Holy Spirit. Night Vigil has given a momentum to all our activities. It is the driving spirit of all our efforts and is blessed in abundance with miracles and pouring of Holy Spirit.