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Inspired and enlightened by the Holy Spirit, I had been praying and pondering over the idea of forming a prayer group for a long time before I met Shaji Joseph, who also shared the same spirit and aspirations. We decided to initiate a spiritual congregation of likeminded believers in Jesus Christ and Mr Antony, a catechist, who was visiting his son in Exeter, gave us the insight and encouraged us to start a Prayer Group. “ And they all were filled with the Holy Spirit” (Acts2:4).Taking inspiration from this holy scripture, Marian Prayer Group was started with a clear intention of sharing the experience of the Holy Spirit and the love of God to all believers of different denominations that were present in and around Exeter. The main aspirations of Marian Prayer Group are to strengthen and enlighten the people with the showering of Holy Spirit, train our younger generation to carry on our faith and trust in God Almighty to the next generations, inspire people to trust in the providence and benevolence of God, prayer of intercession for all and the needy, to gather all believers in a common platform of faith in God and to teach and help the people to flourish in faith. Now Marian Prayer Group focuses on a number of activities to manifest the glory of God. Details of all our different activities can be viewed from the links above.

Like in the case of any other prayer groups, Satan always tries hard to curb the growth of Marian prayer Group. But the prayers and fasting of so many people in and around Exeter and the providence of God has been an inspiring source for Marian to go on in difficulties. We specially thank all good minded people for thier prayers and their time, especially Syro Malabar Parish Committee Exeter, who put aside their personal life to work with Marian and to unveil the Glory of God.

We would like invite you, all believers in Christ, to be a part of Marian and all its activities to proclaim the word of God by staying very close to the Holy Catholic Church and being useful to others. We are trusting in God for the growth of Marian and our children in faith. Will you walk with us in the way of Christ?

Marian is guided by the Holy Spirit. Healings, Signs and Wonders are performed throught the name of Jesus Christ in Marian. On behalf of all at Marian I am presenting this website, English Confession Guide and all Marian's activities to Mary Mother of God, Queen of Marian Prayer Group.

With prayer and love in Jesus Christ

Thomas Saj